Buy low-priced automobile-parts for US vehicles online

Automobile-parts for US vehicles

Where can you get automobile-parts for US vehicles?

Many holders of US vehicles wonder where they can get automobile-parts. In most cases, it is not that easy to find, get and order the appropriate parts. As far as the search for parts is concerned, most local garages and distributors of spare parts are not able to help you along. It already fails due to the fact that US vehicles and their accessory or parts are usually not listed in the catalogues. Thus, the parts cannot bservicee allocated appropriately. The proper identification of the original parts represents another problem, since US manufacturers use different item numbers and product descriptions. Additionally, the dispatch, especially of large and heavy parts, also causes various problems and may be perhaps also laborious as well as expensive.

But to every problem there is a solution.

The solution can be found in car dealers and online shops that have specialized in US vehicles and their spare parts. One example is – on this website, you find various parts for US vehicles, ranging from parts for brake systems, wishbones, shock absorbers to sealings and numerous small parts. By now, you can even find several parts for motors or car bodies. If you do not find the necessary parts on the internet, local US car dealers can help you along. Furthermore, there is the possibility to contact the online seller by telephone. Frequently, the dealers have direct business partners in the US who often offer the possibility to order extravagant, fancy or rare parts as well. If you order via the dealer, the shipping cost are considerably lower, since on the one hand, the dealer orders parts in bigger quantities, and on the other hand, gets an extra discount.

What vehicles are concerned?

In general, US-American and Canadian vehicles are concerned; sometimes there are also difficulties with Mexican cars. Mexican automobiles are very often based on European standards and therefore, it is usually easier to get spare parts for them. As far as automobiles such as Dodge, Chrysler, Cadillac and Lincoln are concerned, the situation looks rather different. Even with Ford, Chevrolet or Jeep, there are difficulties with the supply of automobile-parts. Since the manufacturers are also located in Germany, you may suppose that the suitable automobile-parts are also locally available. But unfortunately that is a misconception. The German manufacturers only offer little support in that direction. They rather sell the German automobiles and seldom support the import of vehicles or automobile-parts. Moreover, they are usually not open to give information about alternative parts. That is a shame, but here the competent partners of US automobile shops come in.

Where can you order parts and what are the payment modalities?

As mentioned above, you can order directly via the online shop or the local partner. It works very quickly and in a straightforward way. You get a confirmation via e-mail upon receipt, which signalizes that your order has been automobile-partsreceived. There are various payment schemes. In most cases, customers choose payment by advance (transfer), but there is also the possibility to pay via Paypal or cash on delivery. Of course, you can pay in Euros, except in case you order directly in the US (which happens only rarely). As soon as the order is received by the car dealer, your automobile-parts are sent to you. The parts are usually dispatched directly from Germany within 3 to 5 days. In some cases however, the products come from the US, such as is the case with rare parts for special motor variants or rare transmission types. In that case, the dispatch takes more time – usually between 10 to 14 days. But if such a problem might occur, this is indicated in your e-mail confirmation.

What should you bear in mind when ordering automobile-parts from the US?

It is most important that the automobile-parts correspond to the original parts. They should not deviate from the original. You should furthermore pay attention to the appropriate junctions and dimensions. It is really annoying to wait for the delivery and then find that the parts do not fit, because some sealings are too large or too small. If you have any doubts, you should ask an expert beforehand. With regard to road safety, it is moreover essential to consult an expert. All parts for US automobiles or vehicles from other countries have to be as roadworthy as parts manufactured in Germany. In case of doubt, you should also ask the seller for advice.



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